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Service is the Reason Consumers are Choosing Credit Unions A social media study shows that member service is the primary reason consumers join a credit union--ahead of rates and fees.

MemberShoppers on MemberShoppers was featured in an article on the popular industry website We provided tips on coaching effectively to mystery shopping results.

Why MemberShoppers?

  • Tailored specifically for credit unions.
  • More shops for your investment.
  • Shopper recruitment and training provided.
  • Dedicated client manager provided.
  • Shop auditing and shopper management included.
  • Immediate access to shops, 24 hours a day.
  • Comprehensive coaching training and support.

Credit Union Employees,
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Become a Mystery Shopper

What is Mystery Shopping?

Credit Unions across the U.S. send members, people like you, to their financial offices to have them evaluated. It is important for managers and executives to know what is going on in their credit union when they aren't there. Some questions a manager may want to know include: Are the employees behaving courteously? Are they dressing professionally? Are they prompt and attentive? Do they show a willingness to assist members? Are they knowledgeable? By answering these questions for them, you are helping your credit union improve service.

Your involvement

You may be interested in registering for participation in the MemberShoppers mystery shopping program because of your credit union membership. As a member-owner of the credit union, you have a special interest in making sure credit union employees offer you and other members the best possible service.

Mystery shopping is not difficult. In fact, anytime you visit or call the credit union, you are already consciously or subconsciously evaluating the service you are receiving. Now, we want you to tell us about your experience. As a mystery shopper, you will be asked to record your experience while visiting the credit union during your regular transaction, for example, making a deposit, opening an account or applying for a loan. There are specific things we ask you to observe or listen for. Occasionally, we may ask you to inquire about a credit union service or product and report about that experience. After your visit you will log on to our Web site and fill out an easy-to-complete form. That's all, your assignment is complete!

While we would like to count on one shop a month from you, you are under no obligation to accept the assignment, and you may choose to skip a month, or be removed from our shopper list at any time.

What to do first

Sound interesting? If so, please complete the online registration as thoroughly as possible, so we can find out your interest, availability and willingness to perform current and future mystery shopping assignments.

After you submit your information, you will be asked to complete a short shopper certification (you will either be taken directly to the shopper certification page or receive a link via an email from The shopper certification will give you guidance on how to complete a mystery shopping assignment, and show you a sample of an evaluation form.

A few days after completing the certification, you will receive your mystery shopping assignment and detailed instructions on where, when and how to complete the shop. When you've finished with the shop, you will complete the evaluation form on our Web site.

Shopper Requirements

We hope you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper and helping us to improve your credit union. If so, please make sure you meet the following requirements before registering.
Shoppers should have:

  • A computer with Internet access.
  • Basic computer skills; able to type, send e-mail and maneuver around a Web site.
  • An e-mail address that is checked frequently.
  • A telephone with answering machine.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • A watch.

Thank You and Happy Shopping!

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