What We Do

What's the secret to member loyalty? Making every member interaction consistently flawless, surprisingly easy, and extraordinarily engaging. We put the voice of your member at the fingertips of every coach and executive at your credit union so that you can put the member into every conversation at your credit union - from coaching branch team members to improving account processes.

Here's how we do it. We provide in-the-moment feedback from real members and outside consumers on the precise factors that lead to member loyalty through MemberShoppers. We deliver post-experience surveys to pinpoint the highs and lows of specific member events through MemberView--everything from closing a mortgage to using your mobile app. But we don't stop there.

We help you put the data into action. We train and guide team coaches to improve individual performance. We alert your team so they can recover unhappy members. We help strategic improvement teams discover why members love or leave delivery channels and account processes. And we build in online trending, Net Promoter® scoring, Member Effort scoring, and industry benchmarking so you know where you are at each moment in the journey to creating the ultimate member experience.

MemberShoppers Mystery Shopping

MemberShoppers, the credit union industry's leading mystery shopping program, offers complete question customization and the most comprehensive coaching support system available. We'll recruit and instruct your own members to shop or bring in outside professional shoppers. Shop branches, personal teller machines, call centers, email/chat, investments, insurance and more.

MemberView Event-Driven Surveys

MemberView event-driven surveys with industry benchmarking are drillable to the member event, the delivery channel, the department/branch, and the individual employee. Turn data into action with built-in business process improvement tools and react to member feedback immediately with low score alerts. Includes Net Promoter® and Member Effort scoring for every member experience.

We researched several vendors over a 6 month period before selecting MemberShoppers. This was our first time out with a shop program. We had a limited budget. However - based on our experience the last 2 years - even if we had a bigger budget - I would have still selected MemberShoppers. They listen to the needs of their clients. They consistently seek our feedback to make the process better. They are open to our ideas. The high level of service they provide to us is exceptional!
MSPA Mystery Shopping Providers Association